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Rs. 1,000.00

Let your skin and senses soak in fresh, fruity splashes! This collection of unique handcrafted blends is inspired from the ingredients of local, sunkissed orchards.


Citra Shower Cooler (200ml),

Berries Body Soufflè (200ml),

Rosa Bath Salt (100gms)

NOTICE: The Rosa Bath Salt, typically included in this box, is sold out and in place of that, we will be giving you 2 of our Bar Soaps in this box. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Rs. 1,500.00

Don’t just take a leisurely walk in the lush gardens, take in its many natural values, healing and revitalizing vibes for your skin, too! Collection inspired by freshly home-grown ingredients.


Thai Tea Shower Cooler (200ml),

Agua Shower Cooler (200ml),

Thai Tea Bar Soap (100gms),

Verde Face Mask (100gms),

Koko Body Butter (200gms)

Rs. 1,200.00

Handcrafted with everyday ingredients that kick-start the day and keep us fuelled throughout, this collection makes the most of the elements on the table.


Blanc Body Soufflè (200ml),

Java Face Scrub (100gms),

Kahwa Face Mask (100gms),

Java Bar Soap (100gms)


NOTE: Since we are sold out of the Java Face Scub, we will be replacing it by two of our Bar Soaps in this box (Blanc Bar Soap and Kahwa Bar Soap).

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