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Aren't we all evolving as more conscious consumers today? We want to know how our food is grown, how nutritious it is, and how it benefits both the body and mind. We look out for labels reading 'natural' , 'locally produced' , 'free from artifical additives' ; and for what can stir our souls, with just as much soul in it.

With a similar train of thought, The Blend Room was born while reminiscing about all things unrefined, pure, raw, rustic and fresh. We took a stroll in our own backyard and thought about how beneficial it would be to not just feed ourselves consciously and organically, with wholesome and fresh ingredients, but also nourish our skin in a similar way. And so, in April 2017, we whipped our first set of home-made beauty therapies at a small studio in Bangalore, and then began experimenting to finally launch a product line in Mumbai. The product line you're presently looking at, was a conclusion of quite some trial and error, a lot of customer feedback, the freshest of wholesome kitchen ingredients and immense love. Go ahead, soak your skin and senses!


For us, ingredients and ethics carry equal importance. We are fortunate to work with verified suppliers, who are able to source at lower quantities and help us make the best quality products, without additional preservatives. The essential oils and heat/light sensitive extracts are quality assured and preserved in cool temperatures. All the botanicals, butters and vegetable oils are locally sourced to minimize transportation impact and maximize shelf life.


Natural over Processed | Small Batches over One Size Fit All
Handcrafted over Factory Made | Slowly Blended over Quickly Manufactured


Aditi has always felt the need to uncomplicate and minimalize. Being a pharmacist who accidentally turned into a cosmetic chemist, her vision was to make life simple with simpler products. Her obsession of all things natural, green, hand-made and local, was what led to everyday fresh ingredients blending together with The Blend Room, offering a line of personal care products that make you feel good.

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